ORGAN THING: Rosso, an exciting painter really emerging…


Debaser @BSMT Space, March 2016, Rosso Debaser @BSMT Space, March 2016, Rosso

Been meaning to say something about Rosso for a few weeks now, she’s an artist who’s been exciting us over the early months of 2016….

London-based artist Rosso has had an interesting year so far. She’s a painter, emerging isn’t a term we like, one of those (mostly meaningless) terms that the art media tends to throws around carelessly,  Rosso really has been emerging though, she’s an emerging  blossoming artist and she’s emerging in a rather exciting way, her paint is flowing, her paintings are getting bolder by the week, Rosso is an exciting emerging London-based painter who quite rightly is starting to enjoy a little bit of well deserved attention.

We’d almost forgotten Rosso had taken part in one of our Cultivate group shows down Vyner Street a couple of years ago when we invited her to be part of a recent Cultivated…

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